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The company “Dieselland” has been actively operating since 1996. The main lines of business we selected were the repairs of car engines and running gear and the manufacturing of suspension gear and other parts.

Since 2008, “Dieselland” has specialized in the development and manufacturing of diagnostic and testing equipment for diesel engine fuel systems and laboratory benches for educational facilities. The company also designs and produces equipment and tools for repair workshops in batch series and on a by-order basis. It is only due to close international links and continuous exchange of information with technical support centres and top masters of the trade – highly knowledgeable specialists in diesel engine repairs – that achieving success in this sphere has been possible.

Resulting from the significant expansion of production facilities, in 2013 the company “Dieselland” entered the international market, offering services involving the manufacturing of engineering products on a by-order basis. The experience we have accumulated, the continuous updating of our machine pool and our highly qualified personnel allow us to ensure top quality of batch production and limited production alike.