Modern technologies of metalwork
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Top quality high-precision welded structures form the basis of numerous products manufactured by "Dieselland". Our qualified personnel, high-precision tooling and equipment as well as the appropriate preparation ofcomponents and quality control at all production stages are what ensures the quality of the end product. Our principal products belong to the class of high-precision welded components and lightweight structures. Our personnel have completely mastered the methods of semi-automatic arc welding (MIG/MAG) and inert gas arc welding (TIG).

We practice an individual approach to each customer and continuously expand our range of services.

  • Semi-automatic gas metal arc welding (MIG/MAG), using wire electrodes
  • Argon tungsten arc welding (TIG), using tungsten electrodes
  • Thermal treatment of workpieces before welding, thermal treatment in the process of welding and thermal treatment of completed welded components
  • Production of welded components and metal structures weighing up to 0.5 tonne in accordance with the customer’s technical documentation
  • Design and engineering of products of various degrees of complexity on the basis of the customers’ concepts

Design, engineering and production of technological tooling and mechanical equipment for welding and other works

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