Modern technologies of metalwork
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Conventional lathing and milling

Any strong production facility cannot do without universal machines in addition to modern CNC machines, and our company has the former too. These are reliable lathing and milling machines that are used by our highly qualified operators to manufacture small batches and one-off parts necessary for our production process.

Our pool of universal lathing machines comprises the following models:

IZh1I611P threading lathe, IZh 250ITV threading lathe, TV-320P threading lathe, 16K20 threading lathe. The pool of universal milling machines features the following models: 6M76P universal milling machine, ALG-100 universal milling machine, SF-67 vertical milling machine, 6Р12 vertical milling machine.

We ensure that the good technical state of all the machines is maintained and they can be used in the production process to their full capacity.